Unbrick soft bricked Samsung S Advance GT-I9070

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This post here is to unbrick soft bricked Samsung S Advance GT-I9070 only. Don’t try it on any other Advance variant. Also this post here is only for soft bricked devices only not hard bricked (Difference between soft bricked and hard bricked device).

We are not responsible for any data loss or other problems that occur by using this tutorial. Flashing ROM deletes internal memory. Use at your own risk.

Requirements :-

  • 1
    Odin file to flash ROM
  • 2
    Android firmware for your device
  • 3
    Samsung USB drivers for your device
  • 4
    PC with Windows OS

All download links are provided at the end of the post.

Procedure to unbrick soft bricked Samsung S Advance GT-I9070 :-

  • 1
    Download and install Samsung USB drivers from the link below, if not already present.
  • 2
    Download and extract android firmware zip file that you got from the link below. You will find  single/multiple .tar.md5 file(s).
  • 3
    Download and extract Odin zip file and you will find Odin3 v3.07.exe and some other files. Run it as Administrator.
  • 4

    Follow the steps below :-

    • Check Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time check boxes only. Check Re-partition only if pit file is selected (GT-I9070_EUR_XX_8G for 8GB variant or GT-I9070_EUR_XX_16G_20111228_KL8 for 16GB variant).
    • Click on PDA button and browse for .tar/.tar.md5 file with CODE in the name.
    • Click on CSC button and browse for .tar/.tar.md5 file with CSC in the name, ignore if not present.
  • 5
    Switch off and boot your device into Download Mode by pressing and holding Volume Down + Home + Power button until you see a construction android icon with a warning triangle on the screen. Then press Volume Up button to enter into download mode.
  • 6
    Next connect your device to your PC using USB cable. If Odin detect your device then Odin’s ID: COM box will turn to light blue and a COM port number will appear under it. Additionally Odin’s log message box will show “Added” and “Detected” message. If not, then make sure that USB drivers are correctly installed. Also try replugging your device into a different USB port.
  • 7
    Once all the above steps are performed correctly, press Start button to begin installation procedure. MAKE SURE THAT YOU DON’T INTERRUPT FLASHING PROCEDURE ONCE IT HAS STARTED OTHERWISE YOU WILL HARD BRICK YOUR DEVICE.
  • 8
    Flashing process may take few minutes so have patience. Once the flashing process is complete, Odin will show PASS message with green background in the left-most box at the very top of the Odin. Your device will reboot then and then boot successfully.Galaxy-S-Advance-Odin-pass

Done!! Your device is unbricked successfully now.

Note :-

  • If your device suffers a bootloop after ROM installation then go into Recovery Mode by pressing and holding Volume Up + Home + Power button together. Then perform Wipe data/Factory Reset and Wipe Cache Partition. Now you can restart your device and it will boot correctly.

Downloads :

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Rohan Kandwal

I am an Android Enthusiast and love to learn new techniques, tips and tricks. I also love to help other who face any difficulty in using technical stuff.. Google+

  • Odin

    thanks, this saved my phone

    • RohanKandwal

      Glad to be of help.. Cheers!!!

      • Jitse Krab

        it does not work for me….. :-(

        cannot find the files .tar with code and csc in it, please help!!

        • RohanKandwal

          What did you find? please tell me the file names.

  • http://dagorastos.net Dimitris Agorastos

    My phone is soft-bricked. It can enter only in download mode. I followed your guide (and many others) but I still have a problem.

    Although after the installation via Odin I get a “Pass” message, my phone switches off and doesn’t reboot. When I press the power button nothing happens. And if I remove the battery, place it back and reboot, I get an error and again, I can only enter Download mode.

    I don’t know how to proceed…

    • RohanKandwal

      Sorry for the late reply but did you use the PIT file mentioned in my post? What’s the error you are getting? How you bricked your device? Which firmware version you were running while you bricked your device? And which firmware version you are trying to flash?

      Also, is your device 8 GB or 16 GB? Please reply with all the details.

  • Mohit Mishra

    Thank you Very very much
    you are such a genius

  • sangeeth Frankenstein

    Please provide the link for 16gb variant..thanks..god bless

  • SilentHeart Munna

    my phone gt 19070p 16gb compleatly break when upgreat to 4.2.1, now it show nothing. even download or recovery mode….what can i do?