Unbrick soft bricked Google Nexus 5

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This post here is used to unbrick soft bricked Google Nexus 5 only. Don’t try this on any other Nexus variant. Also this post is for soft bricked devices only not hard bricked (see the difference).

We are not responsible for any data loss or other problems that occur by using this tutorial. Use at your own risk.

I have used Kwongger’s Nexus 5 All-In-One Toolkit to unbrick Google Nexus 5. It consist of a .bat file which is self explanatory and does recovery in a series of steps.

Procedure unbrick soft bricked Google Nexus 5 :-

  1. Download .bat and the Nexus 5 toolkit zip from the links provided below.
  2. Double click on .bat file and you will see a screen as below. Press 1 to continue.step 1 unbrick Nexus S
  3. Press 3 to Unbrick/Restore but make sure that drivers for Nexus 5 are installed. If not, press 7 to see how to install drivers (Drivers are already present in the .zip file).step 2 unbrick Nexus S
  4. Switch off your phone and then connect to your PC using USB drivers. Now try to get your phone into Bootloader, this you can do by starting the phone by pressing volume down + power button. After entering in Bootloader press Enter.step 3 unbrick Nexus S
  5. Press Enter and follow the onscreen instructions, your phone will be unbricked and restored.step 4 unbrick Nexus S
Downloads :-
  1. Kwongger’s NEXUS 5 Toolkit v2.2.bat
  2. Kwongger Nexus5 Toolkit v2.1.2.zip
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