Unbrick soft bricked Google Nexus 4

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This post here is to unbrick soft bricked Google Nexus 4. Don’t try it on any other Google Nexus variant. Also this post is only for soft bricked Google Nexus 4 not hard bricked (see the difference). It will flash Nexus 4 with stock Android 5.0.1 ROM (latest version when writing this post).

We are not responsible for any data loss or other problems that occur by using this tutorial. Flashing ROM deletes internal memory. Use at your own risk.

 Requirements :-

  • 1
    Google Nexus 4 USB drivers
  • 2
    Google 4.3 stock image
  • 3
    Nexus 4 toolkit to flash ROM
  • 4
    PC with Windows OS on it

All the downloads are provided at the end of the post.

Note :-

This process requires you that your Google Nexus 4 has a unlocked bootloader. If your bootloader isn’t unlocked or you don’t know anything about it (then it’s probably unlocked since it is locked by default), follow from step 1 to 4 below. Next, instead of entering 9 as directed in step 5, enter 3 and follow the steps provided by toolkit to unlock the bootloader. Then you can continue the steps provided below to unbrick Google Nexus 4.

Procedure to unbrick soft bricked Google Nexus 4 :-

  • 1
    Download and install the Nexus 4 toolkit provided at the end of the post.
  • 2
    Download the stock 5.0.1 ROM for Google Nexus 4 from the links below. The download file should have a .tgz or .tar extension. Open Nexus 4 toolkit’s install directory, typically it should be “C:\Program Files\Nexus 4 toolkit”, there you will find a folder put_google_factory_image_here, move the .tgz or .tar file that you downloaded in it.
  • 3
    Power off and start your device in fastboot mode by pressing volume down + power button.
  • 4
    If the device drivers for your Google Nexus 4 are not already installed then download the drivers from the end of this post and follow this post to install USB drivers manually. (Just use drivers provided here instead of drivers mentioned at that post)
  • 5
    Run Nexus 4 toolkit as Administrator, at prompt menu enter 9 to go into Extract + Flash Google Factory stock ROM menu.unbrick google nexus 4 step 1
  • 6
    Then press 2 to enter into Flash Google Factory Image.unbrick google nexus 4 step 2
  • 7
    Now type yes to start the flashing procedure.unbrick google nexus 4 step 3
  • 8
    If every step was followed correctly, you will see lots of new messages that will show that downloaded image is extracted and md5 is compared to check if the image is ok. If you see any error message or see nothing at all then please make sure that you have followed all the above steps correctly. If everything is correct then you will be asked if you want to flash image in put_google_factory_image_here folder, type in yes.unbrick google nexus 4 step 4
  • 9
    Next you will be asked to Format userdata before flashing new userdata, enter no.unbrick google nexus 4 step 5
  • 10
    The flashing process will start showing you lots of message on the Nexus 4 toolkit. When the process is completed you will see Operation Completed. Device will reboot now into Android for setup.unbrick google nexus 4 completed

Done !! Your device should boot into home screen and is successfully unbricked.

unbrick soft brick google nexus 4

Downloads :

Post Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update, it’s not possible to downgrade your device. This means that if you are running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean firmware on Google Nexus 4, you have two options, either install the same stock Android 4.3 firmware or upgrade to Android KitKat 4.4/Android 5.0 Lollipop. Now, if you install Android 4.4 KitKat firmware on your device, you won’t be able to go back to Jelly Bean 4.3 firmware. So, if you don’t want to upgrade, stay on the firmware you are currently on.

In the future, install the same firmware you are currently on or upgrade your firmware, you can’t downgrade.
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Rohan Kandwal

I am an Android Enthusiast and love to learn new techniques, tips and tricks. I also love to help other who face any difficulty in using technical stuff.. Google+

  • sukhi

    It is awesome, I has fixed my phone, Thanks a lot

    • http://www.unbrick.itcse.com Rohan Kandwal

      Welcome sukhi, glad to be of help.

  • http://krishtrinity.blogspot.in krishnan vs

    Try this very short method for hard reset of your nexus 4

  • diego

    my phone still stuck on logo

    • RohanKandwal

      Which firmware version you are currently on? Try to cleaning you caches and installing the latest Android version. You can upgrade not DOWNGRADE. I’ll update the tutorial.

  • Cesar Belmonte

    the link for the toolkit doesnt work :(

    • RohanKandwal

      Thanks for the info my friend. The links have been updated.

      • Cesar Belmonte

        Thank you, Sir!

        • Cesar Belmonte

          I got my phone to turn on again after installing version 5.0.1 (LRX22C), but when I turn it off and restart it, it goes back into a bootloop :(

          • RohanKandwal

            That’s just a bootloop, go to recovery mode and then wipe the cache and data partition.

  • Abdullah Al Numan

    is it possible to repair in this way? how can i start my device in fastboot mood?? :/

  • Asjad Rex


    I am in desperate need of guidance…

    Issue is my LG Nexus 4 takes ages on boot animation and does not move ahead.

    I have tried following:

    > Installed all the factory images from 4.2.2 to 5.1.1 from Google but still phone stucks at boot animation.

    > I have tried clearing cache and factory reset every time

    > Used fastboot commands to erase and format partitions

    But no luck..

    One thing happened that i installed firmwares newest to oldest order…

    last i tried 4.2.2 available from google.

    this time phone booted within a minute after X screen than after adding google account i received software updates to 4.3 Jelly Bean and i installed updates but again it is in same condition like before.

    I know only 4.2.2 will work but i want to u[date to latest available.

    What do you think i am missing or should i do?