Unbrick soft bricked AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-I747)

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This post here is to unbrick soft bricked AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-I747) only. Don’t try this on any other Samsung Galaxy S3 variants. Also this post here is only for a soft bricked device not hard bricked (see the difference).

We are not responsible for any data loss or other problems that occur by using this tutorial. Flashing ROM deletes internal memory. Use at your own risk.

 Requirements :-

  • 1
    Samsung USB drivers
  • 2
    Odin files
  • 3
    Stock ROM
  • 4
    PC with Windows OS on it

All the downloading links are provided at the bottom of the post.

Procedure to unbrick soft bricked AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-I747) :-

  • 1
    Download and install USB drivers for Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-I747) if not already present.
  • 2
    Download and unzip Odin zip. Then open it as administrator.
  • 3
    Download and extract stock ROM, you will get a .tar.md5 file.
  • 4
    Power off your device and start it in downloading mode by pressing home + volume down + power button until you see Warning! sign and then press volume up button.
  • 5
    Connect your device to PC using USB cable. If your device is detected then ID:COM box will turn to blue and indicates the COM port number and a word Added on a log box. If not, then make sure that USB drivers are installed correctly.
  • 6
    In Odin, check Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time only. Don’t check Re-partition checkbox.
  • 7
    Now click on PDA button and browse the .tar.md5 that you found after extracting stock ROM.
  • 8
    Press Start button and the flashing process will start. Don’t disconnect your device or interrupt flashing process.odin3 for unbrick Samsung Galaxy S 3 (SGH-I747)
  • 9
    Flashing process takes about 5 – 20 minutes. When Odin flashes ROM correctly, you will get a PASS. The log will show All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0).

Done !! Your device will reboot now. First boot takes some time so be patient.


If you are running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean on your device then you can easily upgrade and downgrade between Jelly Bean 4.1.1 and 4.1.2. But since the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update, you can’t downgrade to lower Android OS versions, due to secured bootloaders. You can either upgrade or install the similar firmware version. For example, if you are currently running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update on your Galaxy S3 i747 then you have two options, either to install Android 4.3 version again or upgrade to Android 4.4.2 KitKat firmware version. Once on KitKat 4.4.2 version, you can’t downgrade to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or lower version.

Thus, either upgrade or remain on the same firmware version. At present, Android 4.4.2 Kitkat for S3 i747 is only present in form of OTA (Over-The-Air) update which can only be installed manually via a custom recovery. So, until you get a Odin flashable firmware for KitKat 4.4.2 (should be about 700-900 mb+ in size), you can flash Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version only. This means that users running KitKat 4.4.2 update will have to wait as installing Android 4.3 will be a downgrade and that is not possible.

Downloads :

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Rohan Kandwal

I am an Android Enthusiast and love to learn new techniques, tips and tricks. I also love to help other who face any difficulty in using technical stuff.. Google+

  • Jose

    Hi Rohan I got this kind of cellphone and I updated to android 4.3 via OTA, later I root my phone for try android kitkat using the resurrection remix custom rom but I decided to return back to stock original rom I tried you instructions but fail this is the odin log Added!!

    Enter CS for MD5..

    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..

    Please wait..

    I747UCDLK3_I747ATTDLK3_I747UCDLK3_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.

    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..

    Leave CS..

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..

    File analysis..



    Get PIT for mapping..

    Firmware update start..


    NAND Write Start!!

    FAIL! (Auth)

    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)
    and on my phone say in red: SW REV CHECK FAIL : Fused 2 > Binary 0
    my question in here is do I need to try stock rom 4.3 using odin? please advise.

    • RohanKandwal

      If you want to come to stock ROM, you must clear your flash counts first.If you enter in download mode, you will might see your flash counter first. I would suggest you to install resurrection remix custom rom again, then use an app called Triangle Away to clear flash counter, then again try to flash stock ROM.

      I must also add that using Triangle Away app might brick your device badly i.e. solution would be JTAG or board replacement. See here http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s2/orig-development/2013-10-04-triangleaway-v3-10-t1494114

  • Srikkanths

    THanks for the info!! You are a cellphone saver for me!!

    • RohanKandwal

      Glad to be of help buddy.

  • Esther Pritchard

    I got a Fail. Any thoughts on what to do?

    • RohanKandwal

      Just writing that won’t help buddy. Please provide additional details. How you bricked your device? Which firmware version were you on? Which you are trying to install? Do you have a bootloop or it is not even powering on?

  • Esther Pritchard

    I’m not sure what my son did but I believe it is softbricked. He started a process than got scared and disconnected. Now I get that screen that everyone complains about with encountering an error, etc. I can only get into download mode. I followed the above to a t with the files attached but I continue to get a fail. I have spent hours on the internet trying to fix this stupid phone. Would love it if I can get this done and over with. I am using Odin 3.07.

    • Esther Pritchard

      The phone is an ATT Samsung Galaxy S3 1747

      • RohanKandwal

        please attach the error screen and Odin’s log. Since you are able to enter in Download Mode, you might be able to save your device.

        • Esther Pritchard

          Here are some of the error screens I am getting

          • Esther Pritchard

            I uploaded the pics but they are not showing up.

          • RohanKandwal

            Are you downgrading your firmware? I can see the images just fine. Which firmware you were on and which firmware you are trying to flash? Can you post Odin’s log? You can’t downgrade your mobile so you will have to flash same or higher Android OS version.

          • Esther Pritchard

            I’m not sure buy I believe he was at 4.3. I think I’m using the stock file. I’m irritated because many of the files I’ve seen out there are either spam, or empty.

          • RohanKandwal

            See that’s the main problem, i747 originally came with 4.1.1 which was then updated to 4.1.2. Now you can downgrade and upgrade these firmware versions with no problems.

            But since 4.3 update, you can no longer downgrade. You can either install the 4.3 similar build or upgrade to 4.4.2 build (Kitkat) i.e. you can’t downgrade. Either upgrade or flash similar firmware version.

            Another problem is that 4.4.2 is currently available as an OTA only i.e. you can’t flash it with Odin. Thus, if you were on KitKat 4.4.2 then you can’t flash the firmware.

            But if you are sure that you were on JellyBean, then you can flash the 4.3 firmware which will help you unbrick Galaxy S3 i747. I am updating the guide.

          • Esther Pritchard

            I figured it out. Thanks.

          • RohanKandwal

            Glad to hear it. Can you please provide a small comment on how you did it? It will help others in trouble like you.

          • Esther Pritchard

            Sorry my son just mentioned it was jellybean, not sure on version. sorry.

          • Esther Pritchard

            And my bootloader says apswaev:2

        • Esther Pritchard

          can you see the pics?

        • Esther Pritchard

          Can I email the pics to you?

  • Mike

    After updating my sgh-i747 OTA to 4.4.2, my phone will not go past the second logo screen? Before the update I was on 4.1.2. Can this be fixed?

    • RohanKandwal

      Flash it with 4.4.2 firmware only. If bootloop exists, reboot into recovery and wipe data and cache partitions.

      • Mike

        Thanks for the reply, but where can I get 4.4.2 firmware to flash it? I can only find it OTA.

        • RohanKandwal

          That’s the problem. 4.4.2 firmware for i747 isn’t available as yet. You will have to wait buddy, until the firmware is released.

  • Jack

    I tried to downgrade from version 4.3 to version 4.1.2. And I could not install version 4.1.2 It gets stuck in nand write with odin. Help please!

    • Jack

      Problem solved, I had to install new version 4.3 or 4.4.2.

      • RohanKandwal

        Glad to hear that. Cheers mate..

      • Prakash Ps

        samsung sgh-i747
        4.4.2 downlod link send me
        email :oyes.com123456@gmail.com

  • MH

    your an asshole you write all that bs and we know 442 is ota

    • RohanKandwal

      Haven’t I written the same? You might know that it’s an OTA but not everybody. I don’t want my users to get confused. Please don’t use any abusive language here, this site isn’t offering any paid services. All I want is to help others.

  • Habib Rehman

    when i flash my s3 AT&T using Odin, Suddanly My phone off. now its not charging not connect pc no download mode how can i fix plzzz help me