Unbrick Soft Bricked AT&T Samsung Galaxy Mega SGH-I527

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This post here is to unbrick Soft Bricked AT&T Samsung Galaxy Mega SGH-I527 only. Don’t try it on any other Galaxy Mega variant. Also this post is for a device which is soft bricked NOT hard bricked (Soft brick vs Hard brick).

We are not responsible for any data loss or other problems that occur by using this tutorial. Flashing ROM deletes internal memory. Use at your own risk.

Requirements :-

  • 1
    Android USB divers
  • 2
    Stock Image
  • 3
    Odin file
  • 4
    PC with Windows OS on it

All the downloads are provided at the end of the post.

Procedure to unbrick Soft Bricked AT&T Samsung Galaxy Mega SGH-I527

  • 1
    Download and install Samsung USB drivers if not already present.
  • 2
    Download and extract Odin zip file, inside you will find Odin3 v1.85.exe along with .pit file Samsung_I527_PIT.PIT. Run it as Administrator. Click on PIT button and browse the .pit file.
  • 3
    Download the ROM file from the end of the post and you will get a file named I527UCUAMK2_I527ATTAMK2_I527UCUAMK2_HOME.tar.md5. On Odin, click on PDA button and browse it.
  • 4
    Make sure that Re-partition, F. Reset time and Auto Reboot are check boxes are checked.
  • 5
    Switch off and power your device in Download Mode by pressing and holding Volume Down + Home + Power buttons together until you see a Warning screen. Then press Volume Up button to enter into download mode.
  • 6
    Now connect your device into PC using the USB cable.
  • 7
    If Odin detects your device then it’s ID:COM box will turn yellow and show a port number. Additionally Odin’s message box will display added message. If not, then try reinstalling USB drivers or plugging your device in different port.unbrick soft bricked AT&T Samsung Galaxy Mega i527
  • 8
    Once everything is set, press Start button to begin flashing procedure. DON’T INTERRUPT FLASHING PROCEDURE UNDER ANY CONDITION OTHERWISE YOUR DEVICE MAY GET HARD BRICKED.
  • 9
    Flashing process takes some time, so be patient. Your device may automatically reboot several times during flashing, don’t get scared. After flashing process completes, your device will automatically boot successfully.
  • 10
    First boot is always the longest. After flashing process completes, your device will automatically boot successfully.

Congrats! Your Samsung Galaxy Mega is successfully unbricked now.


  • If your device suffers bootloop i.e. device reboot of after Galaxy logo after flashing this ROM then enter into Recovery Mode by pressing and holding Volume up + Home + Power button until you see Galaxy logo and then wait for it to enter you into Recovery Mode.
  • After entering Recovery Mode, wipe cache and data/factory reset and then reboot. Your device must work properly now.

Downloads :

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Rohan Kandwal

I am an Android Enthusiast and love to learn new techniques, tips and tricks. I also love to help other who face any difficulty in using technical stuff.. Google+

  • kroke22

    Thank you very much for the contribution.

    PIT file but fails to install. Not installed

    • RohanKandwal

      have you tried without the pit file? make sure that re-partition checkbox is unchecked when you don’t use pit file. Meanwhile, I’ll try to find you another good copy of pit file.

      • kroke22

        Thank you very much for your interest.

        Yes, I have tried without pit and the installation is successful but does not remove the brick: stays on the configuration screen and the touchscreen does not work.

        Attached photos with error pit file in Odin and Mega, and photo of the screen without touch

        • kroke22

          sgh-i527: screen and the touchscreen does not work.

          • RohanKandwal

            It might be a kernel or hardware issue. The problem is that since your device’s bootloader is locked by AT&T. Till now there is no way to unlock the bootloader, as per my knowledge, and you can’t flash a kernel on locked bootloader.

            So, sadly I must say that you have reached a roadblock. You have now very few options left.
            1) wipe data/partition/cache after installing ROM.
            2) try emergency recovery using Kies

            Above might work for you, hope for the best and keep your fingers crossed. Comment back after trying above suggestions, also if your device is under warranty, you can try to claim it, just don’t tell them about flashing or bricking.

          • kroke22

            Ok, thank you very much. I’ll have to wait for the unlock the bootloader,


          • Jose F. Monterroso

            Hi, I know this is a kind of old thread but I need help unbricking my phone. The ROM FILE provided is in archive form. When I extract it with rar I don’t see the file “I527UCUAMK2_I527ATTAMK2_I527UCUAMK2_
            HOME.tar.md5” Can someone please let me know how to get this file? Thanks.

        • RohanKandwal

          “does not remove the brick” ?? was your device not responding to touch before? I mean was it booting properly before?

          • kroke22

            Yes, before it was working perfectly, and was liberated already. After putting Atyt original ROM., it does not work

          • RohanKandwal

            have you tried using Kies for recovery? It might solve your problem. As far as unlocked bootloader is concerned, I have seen many advance android developers on “xda forum”, try and fail. I don’t think that you will get a unlocked bootloader soon. Thus you must try Kies or if possible, return device for warranty.

          • terry

            i am haveing same issue and once i try without the pit file i geta second error saying write protection failed and on phone i get error sw rev check fail : fused 4 > binary 3

          • RohanKandwal

            Are you trying to downgrade your device? Which OS version you were before and which OS you are trying to install?

      • kroke22

        Bought free for imei, in Spain

  • slowrey

    How about QHSUSB_DLOAD issues? My devices does not even boot to the recovery.

    • RohanKandwal

      Are you talking about Download Mode? If your device isn’t entering in download mode and it isn’t hard bricked then you can buy a USB JIG for your device. They are pretty cheap and are available on ebay, amazon and other ecommerce websites. Using USB JIG you can enter in download mode and then follow the above mentioned tutorial.

      • slowrey

        The display is black no led but if I plug in the device into my pc I get a qhsusb_dload. Odin see my Com port when I plug in my device but nothing happens after setup connection when I press start.

        • RohanKandwal

          Your device is hard bricked. Have you seen this post on xda-developers? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2600869

          • slowrey

            I have tried those steps without any success. The problem I have is the debrick.img is for an international version of my phone. Any ideas how to create debrick.img for att us version? The devices does not boot with i9205 version.

          • RohanKandwal

            Sorry for late reply, somehow I never got notification that you replied. You will need a working i9205 to create a new debrick.img for your device. Since I don’t own that device, I can’t provide you the image :( . You can always try to find a developer on xda and send him a PM asking for the image. They may help you.

  • Brad Campbell


    Your discussion needs more Success stories like mine! I had tried to install a custom recovery with Flashify w/ the recovery that I had placed on my ext sd card. Flashify went ahead and did my request and successfully loaded it, but when my Mega 6.3 SGH-I527 restarted, the early Knox (4.2.2) that I hadn’t realized was causing all my secure write fails w/ using Odin ( a later version, 3.7 & 3.9 ), comes up with the message: non standard AT&T software was found on your phone. You must take it to the nearest AT&T store. (close to that). Soft Brick!!!

    Then came across your article, found the reference for my SGH, (missed it on the 1st read through) downloaded the rar and the extensive tar.MD5 and tried it w/ no success, not realizing that the reason it hung was because the large tar file was still in the process of downloading! Allowed the file to finish, tried again, tar was corrupted. :(

    Downloaded again, more hours, tried over again, w/ PIT file, Odin says format rewrite failed. I remembered you had advised another person to try it w/o the PIT and reformat, so I tried it that way and it started finally!!!!! recovered it’s own PIT in the process (I could see it in Odin’s notification messages), and continued on!! !st time I had some success in days!!! Phone restarts up!!! w/ super user still resident!!! ( I had had it secure it’s self in system files w/ that option) so the phone still has root!!! How Wonderfully strange!! Looks like it’s working fine!

    I’ll see if I can find that xda thread that has tried to remove Knox by that Portuguese man, in the mega section, see if I can understand what he is doing/ saying and get that damn thing out of there!

    Thanks so much for your help!!! It DiD work!

    All this so I can tether at times w/ my Mega, and not get ripped off by AT&T for a ‘service’ that is already resident in the phones but locked out by the network companies like AT&T, Verizon etc. And I’m w/ Simple! (t-mobile reseller) and my old custom Motorola tethered just fine, for those times that I’m not near wifi, and need to prep my online bill to my clients. And of course all that nickel-and-dime -u-to-death bloat ware in the phones and Windows 8.

    I can be judicious in my use of the tether to not over do it, and get choked down.

    Thanks again! Brad

    • RohanKandwal

      Thanks Brad for a long and informative discussion. There are few users who reply for a success comment. Users like you makes the post more constructive since you show your own effort and solution.

      All we need is a bit of support and appreciation from our users. Thanks again for kind words and a long & informative comment.

      Hope to see you soon,

    • Shab

      Hi Brad,
      I have a Samsung SGH-I527 mega. It is unlocked AT&T phone that I am using with T-Mobile. The Mobile Hotspot & WIFI calling feature is blocked by AT&T. My phone has 4.2.2 installed on it. Please let me know how can I unlock those 2 features of Mobile hoptspot & WIFI calling.

  • bossman

    Okay so i followed everything exactly thats on the list, but when re-partition is on it displays a message pit=failed
    and when i do it without the re-partition it gives a failure status with the phone displaying SW REV CHECK FAIL: FUSED 4 > BINARY 3 AND odin displays Complete write information failed after >aboot

    • RohanKandwal

      Are you trying to downgrade the ROM? If you want to downgrade the ROM then flash the current version of ROM that you are running, use triangle away app and then you can downgrade.

      • Justin Stevens

        Can you list the steps on how to downgrade from 4.4.2 stock non-rooted SGH-I527 Mega? Thanks in advance!

        • RohanKandwal

          I don’t think this is possible due to bootloader issues, atleast not yet.

  • tito rotor

    Ok so I have a SGH-I527 stuck
    on boot screen (samsung galaxy mega) after replacing a broke lcd. It
    just get stuck on that screen and when I try to enter recovery, it just
    get stuck on the blue letters on top (recovery booting) so it does not
    enter recovery either. Any Ideas?

    • RohanKandwal

      That’s strange. Are you able to enter in Download mode?

      • tito rotor

        No. I believe it is a problem with the screen itself, I put the broken one back and the phone does boots properly. I can see my background and lock screen but I cant use the phone since the digitizer does not work…

        • RohanKandwal

          Truly speaking, I don’t have much experience in the hardware side. I think that you have replaced the digitizer along with the LCD? Because this seems to be the cause of similar problem in many devices.

          I’m sorry that I couldn’t be of much help since this isn’t my forte.

    • Chad Zablackas

      You find a solution to your problem? I have the exact same issue….

  • Justin Evans

    Im having the same problem although, im able to get into download mode i dont have the I527UCUBNE7 kernal to flash it to my phone

    • RohanKandwal

      Hi, I am late but I have the ROM for you. Just one change, this ROM is in different parts so do the following changes from above tutorial.
      ROM build I527UCUBNE7
      AP (contains system,recovery and kernel partition) Flash under PDA
      BL (this is bootloader) Flash under “BootLoader”
      CP (modem related settings) Flash under “Phone”
      CSC (carrier related settings) Flash under CSC

      Other than changes above, follow the entire procedure precisely. Some users have reported that they have successfully flashed their devices without pit file. Try the tutorial with/without the pit file and report back you success/failure.

      • Chris

        It completed the process but was still on 4.4.2 please help

        • RohanKandwal

          You want to downgrade AT&T Samsung Galaxy Mega SGH-I527 ? It is not advisable to do so with AT&T phones, you might hard brick your device.

          This post was written only to unbrick your device, did it solved your problem?

          • 20GT

            I messed up my Mega it was running firmware version 4.2.2. When I took it to the cell repair store they put 4.4.2 in it. Now I cant use my SVOX voice engine because it force closes on this version. Also a lot of other apps don’t run correctly on it.

            Now they say that a downgrade is not possible. I thought flashing was an overwrite? When I redo my windows pc I would format the drive and use norton ghost to load an image. I thought that’s what flashing was?

            So there is no way to go back to 4.2.2

      • kamel boussalem

        Thank you, man
        This ROM fit for my phone
        But some of the difference in the letters after Model
        Is this normal?
        See the picture

        • RohanKandwal

          That’s ok. The number after model number are for firmware version. You are running on 4.2.2 and this firmware will upgrade your device to 4.4.2, hence the difference. Again, the ROM is fo AT&T Samsung Galaxy Mega SGH-I527 only. Don’t flash on different model or variant.

          • kamel boussalem

            My friend, I am confused
            Under the battery in the adhesive wrote GT-I9200
            And in the system and download mode SGH-I527
            This means that the Roman suitable for phone

            Thank you .

          • RohanKandwal

            So sorry for replying so late, new job taking all of my time. Anyways, go with the name shown in System, i.e. SGH-I527.

          • kamel boussalem

            I want to inquire about the telephone
            I ask you to help me if you can
            I will send you pictures of the model of the phone and you tell me what model of phone
            I am confused about the Model‏

            If you have a phone like this can comparison
            Or maybe like Wright before‏

          • RohanKandwal

            it’s i527.

          • kamel boussalem

            thank you * thank you *

          • RohanKandwal

            A positive response from my readers always make my day. Thanks for the feedback.

          • Shab

            Hi Rohan,

            First of all I appreciate your time effort to post good information and firmware.
            Second, I have a Samsung Mega SGH-I527 AT&T unlocked phone that I am using with T-Mobile. AT&T has blocked the the WIFI calling and Mobile Hotspot features on this phone. Any suggestions to make these features available? This phone is running firmware 4.2.2..

          • kamel boussalem

            Thank you very much

            This is the result obtained

            Thank you

  • Jaylen Campbell

    Hey RohanKandwal. I have a SGH-I527 FOR ATT and i am trying to downgrade it from 4.4.2. i have not tampered with my phon in anyway. and for the people that have touch screen issues. this is a main issue for those who screens were previous cracked and replaced. if you are using a 4.4.2 your touch screen will not respond to touches with the new lcd screen. but if you hook the original one up then unplug it and plug the new one back in it will work until you restart it or shut it off. im not sure why these cheap generic screens dont work with the 4.4.2 update:(( could you please help me downgrade will this unbrick method work even though my phone is not bricked at all only need to downgrade sorry i am such a nooob :))

    • RohanKandwal

      Hi, thanks for the information about the screen issues. Is there any special reasons for downgrade? Flashing a ROM on AT&T device might trip your knox counter and will result in a soft brick. There are ways to prevent that but it requires additional tasks. Are you sure that you want to downgrade it?

      If so, then reply back and I’ll try to help you.

      • Jaylen Campbell

        yes i am 100% sure i want to downgrade it. because the new screen will not work with the android 4.4.2.

        • RohanKandwal

          Ok, give me some time, I’ll to create a tutorial for you.

  • Jaylen Campbell

    Ok thank you so much i really appreciate it :) Your the best!

    • RohanKandwal

      Don’t thank me now, thank me when I’ll help you. My new job is consuming most of my time so helping you might take some time. Anyhow, will try to help you ASAP.

  • Michael Campbell

    I have a galaxy mega SGHI527 that keeps shutting down and rebooting to the Samsung logo screen then repeats the process over and over. I cannot get into the recovery console because it does stay powered up long enough. The only way I can keep it powered on is to put press the power button, the volume down, and the home button together. Do you think this would be the result of corrupt software? If it is corrupt software, Could you give me some advice on what I should flash to the system? I do not have any backup images of the software as I received it in this condition.

    • Jeremy Caulder

      Most likely your mega has a replacement screen which is not oem. the latest patch for mega i527 from att back in june caused none oem screens not to work ether by boot looping or not touching at all.

  • Brittany Capps

    This may sound silly but how do I know that it was successful or not? The Mega still shows the download screen and Odin shows this in message box:


    Enter CS for MD5..

    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..

    Please wait..

    I527UCUAMK2_I527ATTAMK2_I527UCUAMK2_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.

    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..

    Leave CS..

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..

    Also, everything in Odin is greyed out which is what makes me think it is still going possibly, but what confused me was that it seemed to close the message code it started with originally in message box

  • dumbrum

    followed directions, tried several times and I keep getting this. I am using the files you provided. Any suggestions?

  • Francisco Chefia Excelência

    I downloaded AP, So when I put to flash an error massage

  • R Lapidus

    I have the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Mega SGH-I527. My phone is not bricked but I rooted it and then I unrooted it but now it will not update. I was thinking that this method might return my phone to the way it was when it was new? Will this work? My phone works great otherwise, but I do have one annoying thing that happens in that my micro sd cards always get messed up to where they can be read but not written to. Other then that its just the update issue. Thanks in advance…I know this is an old thread.

  • R Lapidus

    I just tried to use this tool to bring my AT&T Samsung Galaxy Mega SGH-I527 back to a point where I could get updates from AT&T again. It worked 100% and it was very simple to use. I was a bit worried because my phone was not bricked. It was working but wouldn’t take updates and it was causing other headaches. Anyway I was able to use the At&T update and my phone is now back to the way it’s supposed to be, Thank you for all the time you spent developing this and sharing it.

  • Shab

    Hi Rohan,
    First of all I appreciate your time effort to post good information and firmware.
    Second, I have a Samsung Mega SGH-I527 AT&T unlocked phone that I am using with T-Mobile. AT&T has blocked the the WIFI calling and Mobile Hotspot features on this phone. Any suggestions to make these features available? This phone is running firmware 4.2.2..

  • True Indeed

    i kno im kinda late to this party but do u guys know if this method is still viable? becuz i followed the direction to the T and I’m still stuck in a bootloop. Im using odin 3.09 … tried with and without the pit file… still no luck. please, help.