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If you happen to be an Android lover and frequently keep an eye about what’s new is happening in the Android world, you might have seen the word “Root”. Root is a term used by computer and cell phone technician to alike to refer to a process by which one can gain administrative access to his/her device.

What does Rooting offer

If you don’t know what I mean by “administrative access” then don’t worry I’ll explain more. Administrative access means that you are the owner of your own device (not that you don’t own it more of a software access way). By having administrative access you can do pretty much anything you want with your device such as write your own camera drives, firmware and use them instead of default one. You can even remove the default ROM and install a custom ROM if you want.

Now if you are thinking that why the hell would I do it since I can’t write my own drivers or you are ok with your current ROM then think again. The potential I mentioned above are nothing compared to what you can do to a rooted device. Below are some advantages of rooting

Advantages of rooting

  • 1
    Install custom ROM- If you have seen your device only in your default ROM then you have seen nothing. There are many very very beautiful custom ROMs out there which are crazy smooth, have decent battery life (many will give more backup than your current ROM) and a tons of cool feature that you didn’t know till now. Also if you have an old device, installing different ROM give a new life to your device.
  • 2
    Remove default apps- If you have a carrier device i.e from Verzion/Sprint/AT&T etc then you might have dozens of stupid apps preinstalled on your device that you never use. Rooting allows that you can remove any default app that you don’t want thereby freeing some space and improving memory.
  • 3
    Improve battery and performance- There are many apps in Google Play that improve battery life upto 30-50% and increase your performance by closing no longer need apps and service automatically. Also you can use apps like setCPU to overclock your device and get the max juice out of your device’s processor.
  • 4
    Block ads on any app of mobile browser- If you use many free apps then you might have noticed that they all show ads and sometimes it is pretty annoying. Rooting allow you to install certain apps on your device that will make all those ads disappear forever from your device.
  • 5
    Backup you entire apps and data- There are many android apps such as titanium backup apps that allow you backup all you apps along with their data so that you can restore your device to a previous state, whenever you want.
  • 6
    Do lots more- All the above advantages are nothing in-front of the possibilities that rooting presents. Some examples are tweaking your UI, creating your own custom widgets, etc.

What you read above are very very few possibilities that come out after rooting your device. If you search on Google and XDA about “what to do after rooting android”, you will find tons of suggestions as to what apps you should try or what android framework to hack for increasing device performance. However, just like a coin has two faces, there is other face of rooting, problems which can occur after rooting.

Disadvantages of rooting

  • 1
    Warranty becomes void- The instance you root your device, your warranty becomes void. Customer care will charge you for every problems including hard. You are your own. However, you can always unroot your device, mostly using the same procedure but different file, to get your device back into stock state. Now you will again get your warranty back.
  • 2
    Slow and unresponsive device- While it is true that rooting provide us with endless opportunity to make our device faster but installing unnecessary, incompatible and buggy apps can make your device slow and unresponsive.
  • 3
    Increased chances of hacking- A rooted device is more easy to be hacked. Thus, you have to be more careful in installing any unknown app. Although if you don’t do internet banking etc then this won’t be a problem.
  • 4
    Risk of bricking- If flashing process is performed incorrectly or any incorrect root file is used to root your device, it may get bricked. Although if you follow the exact procedures then the chances of bricking are extremely low. If you somehow did brick your device, will help get back your device.
  • 5
    Viruses- Yes, even an android device can be infected with virus. As I told earlier, installing unknown apps can increase the risk of infecting your device with virus. Never install apps outside of Google play if you are unsure whether the website is legit or not.

Now I have mentioned both advantages and disadvantages of rooting your device, you have to make up your mind whether you want to root your device or not. However, I must mention my own personal experience. I currently own a 2 year old Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830, which I rooted after 2 days of purchasing. Till now I have tried numerous root apps and custom ROMs on my device and I must admit that it feels amazing. Samsung stopped updating my device after Gingerbread 2.3.7 but right now I am running a custom ROM which run on Kitkat 4.4.

Just imagine the number of possibilities that rooting bring to your device. Most of the disadvantages of rooting occurs due to own negligence and foolishness. Finally, I would like to add that if you are an android enthusiast i.e. like to experiment a lot and want to learn more about the working of android then rooting is must. However, if you are an everyday use who don’t want to risk his device and play safe then you must not do it. There are tons of apps in Google Play which provide beautiful user interface and themes without the need of root access. You can use them to tweak your phone.
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