One click unbrick soft bricked Samsung Captivate

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This post here is to unbrick soft bricked Samsung Captivate only. Don’t try it on any other Captivate variant. Also this post is for a device which is soft bricked NOT hard bricked (see here for the difference).

We are not responsible for any data loss or other problems that occur by using this tutorial. Flashing ROM deletes internal memory. Use at your own risk.

soft bricked Samsung CaptivativeThis tutorial uses Heimdall One-Click to unbrick Samsung Captivate. Before giving you the exact procedure to follow, here’s some background information on Heimdall One-Click.

Heimdall One-Click is based on binaries from another Open-Source project, called Heimdall by XDA member Benjamin Dobell.

Advantages of Heimdall One-Click
This software will work on all Samsung devices which use Odin3

  • It is a single, portable executable file.
  • Works on Mac and Windows and Linux
  • Is open source and programmed in Java
  • Super easy to use. Just one button!

Procedure to unbrick soft bricked Samsung Captivate :-

  1. Just download the OneClick.jar from the link given below and save it in your computer.
  2. Java is must and must be installed on your computer. If not installed, download and install from the links below.
  3. Just connect your device to your computer (with screen as shown in the image above) and Click on unsoft brick.
  4. That’s it !! Your phone must be unbricked now and now you can get into the downloading mode to flash your phone using ODIN

Heimdall's One Click unbrick for Samsung Capacitive

NOTE :- For some Windows users who face problems of UAC (User Access Control) while running OneClick.jar, a file named OneClickLoader.exe is also present in the same folder. Instead of opening  OneClick.jar open OneClickLoader.exe and press Yes when UAC ask.

  1. Heimdall One-Click
  2. Java
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