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One of the most popular website for downloading latest ROM’s for your device is (now This site not only has the latest ROMs for probably every Android device out there but also has ROMs county wise. So if you want to download a ROM for Europe region then go ahead and download it from here.

Beside being completely free, it has different versions of ROM’s available for a device released in the country. An example for different versions of ROM for Samsung Galaxy S III in India is given below. Make sure that you are downloading ROM made for your own country only otherwise you will see your device’s OS in a foreign language. Also flashing ROM made for different region may cause problems in locking cellular signals as it may be different in your own country.samfirware different version of ROM's for Samsung Galaxy S IIISteps for downloading ROM from :-

    • 1
      Open and create a account there.
    • 2
      After creating the account click on Firmware as shown in the image below.samfirmware check firmware
    • 3
      Select your device and country as shown your device and country
    • 4
      You will see a list of available ROMs in your country. samfirware different version of ROM's for Samsung Galaxy S III
    • 5
      Select the ROM that you want and a downloading page will open.
samfirmware confirm downloadThat’s it !!! Click on the download link to final page to start downloading the ROM.
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Rohan Kandwal

I am an Android Enthusiast and love to learn new techniques, tips and tricks. I also love to help other who face any difficulty in using technical stuff.. Google+

  • Anonymos

    Please help me Rohan – I’m confused and frustrated… I wanted all my contacts off my phone but I think I have just deleted everything off there by wiping it using the volume up, power button and home button… I have a samsung galaxy ace. If I can restore everything back on here please tell me.

    My phone is keep on showing up with the samsung logo and then turns off again and keeps on doing that and won’t turn fully on… Please if you could help me it would be excellent!

    • RohanKandwal

      What did you wipe? cache or data partition. If data partition then all contacts are gone. Also there’s a post for galaxy ace, please post there since your problem might also address other users.

      For bootloop, please see my post on Galaxy Ace and if have any other question then please ask there.

  • Anonymos 1

    Hello I am the Anonymos person but I forgot my account details… Anyway I deleted to factory settings so I think it’s data partition that I had deleted. I’ve got most of my contacts backed up but it’s going to take me ages to find out which ones I have got and ones that I haven’t… And I have also found out it was under warranty so I had given it to the carphone warehouse… But please I’m sure there is a way to get all my stuff back – please try!!! It’s going to be soo hard to get all those contacts back! I was looking at programs to recover lost stuff and found this:

    Do you think that this would work? Please help me – you’re my last hope and you sound clever! I’m just soo stressed out at the moment!

    • RohanKandwal

      When you delete a file from a storage device, it isn’t actually deleted but it just becomes invisible to you. It remains in the storage memory until you write more data and it gets overwritten. So, the foremost thing after accidental file deletion is avoid writing any new file.

      In your case, the device got bricked when you factory reset (yes, that’s the data partition) and now when you have given your device to reformat, chances are that the memory where the contacts were stored might be overwritten, if so, then all the contacts are gone (you might get few). If you are very lucky then those memory parts would have survived and you will get your contacts back.

      I’m sorry to say this, but chances of data retrieval now are very slim.

      • Anonymos 2

        I finally got all my contacts back thanks to your help – actually i got it last week and everything is now sorted! I don’t know why I had to worry to be honest, as most of them were saved on my sim card and the rest came back using that program!!! Thanks for all your help though!!

        And sorry I lost my account with this again, so I had to make a new one again…

        • RohanKandwal

          Glad to hear that you sorted everything out and do everyone a favor, install a password remembering app on your phone 😛 😛 😛

  • Li Qiuyue

    Download the latest Android for your Samsung with SamFirm