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LG G3 is one of the most successfully flagship device ever released by LG. Not only this device helped LG to race to the front of the pack, against all the big smartphone companies such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc  but it sold way more than previous LG devices. This beast has very high hardware and software features expected in a high-end smartphone.

Developers simply love this device, specially because of the possibilities this device offers. Developers have created tons of custom ROMs, scripts, etc for LG G3. Although developers always create a detailed and noob friendly tutorial on how to install there releases, but users sometimes make mistakes and end up bricking their devices.

If you also have a soft bricked LG G3 in your hand, we have gathered a list of stock firmwares for different models of LG G3 devices. These firmwares can be used to unroot LG G3, unbrick G3 or revert back to stock firmware. Download LG G3 stock factory firmware for your device model only or you might have a hard bricked device. Well, here’s the list:-

AT&T LG G3 Stock Factory Firmware D850

Canadian LG G3 Stock Factory Firmware D852 (Bell/Rogers)

Canadian LG G3 Stock Factory Firmware D852G (Videotron)

Korean LG G3 Stock Factory Firmware F400K KT/Olleh

Korean LG G3 Stock Factory Firmware F400S SK Telecom

Korean LG G3 Stock Factory Firmware F400L LG U

LG G3 Stock Factory Firmware D855 (European)

LG G3 Stock Factory Firmware D855 (Hong Kong)

LG G3 Stock Factory Firmware D855 (TWN)

Sprint LG G3 Stock Factory Firmware LS990

T-Mobile LG G3 Stock Factory Firmware D851

Verizon LG G3 Stock Factory Firmware VS985

If any LG G3 stock factory firmware link is down, please mention in a comment below. We will try to keep the links updated.


As few of my visitors were facing problems in deciding which firmware file to download for LG G3 D855. I am updating the guide to include links for firmwares for different regions of D855.

Firstly, check the LG G3 D855 firmware history from this link or this link. This page lists the latest available firmware for your device. Now to download the firmware, you can go to, enter your IMEI number and get the firmware for your device or go to xda-developers and download the firmware directly using the firmware version number for your model of LG G3 D855 (which you got with the previous step).

P.S.“6” in the Suffix column of D855 firmware history means that that firmware version was released for 16 GB variant. A Suffix without “6” means that it was released for 32 GB variant. For example- AIND means firmware was released for 32GB variant of D855 in India while A6ID means that the firmware was released for the 16GB variant.
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Rohan Kandwal

I am an Android Enthusiast and love to learn new techniques, tips and tricks. I also love to help other who face any difficulty in using technical stuff.. Google+

  • harsh behl

    Hi, I have LG-D855 with build number LRX21R.A1421650137. Beneath the battery it says made in Korea. Now which firmware should i download as for D855 i can see firmwares of TWN, HK and Europe region. Kindly help.

    • RohanKandwal

      This has got nothing to do with “made in”. I meant the region in which your device was working properly before, it can be the country from where you bought it or you own region if it was getting proper signals before.

      • Jack Most

        hi, i have the same problem here.i have LG-D855 with build number LRX21R.A1422433909.i dont know witch one i need to choose I’ve purchased from Lebanon. how will i know witch one is for my phone ?

        • RohanKandwal

          Where are you now? Was the device working perfectly for you in your current region? If so, then you can download ROM for your current region.

  • andres

    HI, please help me, i dont detect the sim card (basebands) in my dipositve. soy colombiano.

    • RohanKandwal

      Sorry for the late reply, can you please tell me the proper model name + model number + region of your device?

  • Bhargav

    Hi, need Android 4.4.2 rom for my LG G3 D855 32GB Indian model, could you please help me

    • RohanKandwal

      I have updated the post. Please check. If you still face some problems, reply here.

      • Bhargav

        Thank you for the reply but I need stock 4.4.2 rom for my device, I have checked the link which you have posted, when I put IMEI code it shows the latest available rom, i.e., lollipop, can you help me out ?

        • RohanKandwal

          Do you know the kitkat 4.4.2 firmware version? It will make it easy for me. Also, I must warn you that if you are planning to downgrade from Lollipop to Kitkat then you might face issues. Downgrading ROMs always cause issues.

          • Bhargav

            Hi Rohan, kitkat 4.4.2 firmware version is V20e-IND-XX, 32gb model, could you please mention the issues which I might face if I do so ? one more thing which I wanna ask, you might have heard about Freedom app which works on rooted devices, do you have any idea, will freedom work on G3 running on kitkat, I really appreciate your help.

          • RohanKandwal

            I’ll try to find the firmware for you. Sometimes device get stuck in bootloops while downgrading so you have to be careful. Regarding freedom app, it might work but not 100% sure. Besides, freedom won’t work for all the apps.

          • Bhargav

            Well, thank you for the reply

          • RohanKandwal

            Isn’t V20e-IND-XX Lollipop version (5.0) with firmware built LRX21R.A1417618145?

          • Bhargav

            Sorry I don’t remember the firmware version coz currently my device is running on lollipop

          • RohanKandwal

            Ok, I’ll try to find a firmware for you.

          • Jake Carson

            Freedom works with some apps but causes all manner of issues when it fails.. It’s slightly better in 5.1 but still has similar issues. I use it, but I spend a lot of time wiping my phone and re flashng roms because of the issues it causes

  • rehan

    i want my lg g3 d855 made in korea firmwae please help me

  • rehan

    my lg g3 getting factory reset no 2

    • RohanKandwal

      Sorry for late reply, I have created a guide on how to get rid of Factory Reset 2 error on LG G3. Please visit

  • Trixie T0xXx1k

    can you please help me with a soft unbricking of my lg g vista (vs880 [11b]) from verizon usa? i found the 880-11b firmware file, at least i think its the right one. if you know of/ come across this and are sure of its validity i would trust that more. i found and downloaded via a google search. i initially think i may have accidently deleted the splash pic for the carrier when it boots. this caused it to just black screen after the lg logo n the backlight would flash like it was stuck in a boot loop just the image file was missing. after a little more research i figured out how to put it in the download mode so that i can use a pc to try repair or reinstall whatever it needs. i am unsure if i need the sdk or adk toolkits for a repair in the download mode to work. while on that screen it says its plugged in and waiting to download firmware via usb under the progress bar it tells me not to unplug until download is completed. its not showing up in “my computer” however. and ive never had to do s software/firmware download or setup when the phone wasnt in full normal working order. i simply want to put back the out of the box software back in place. firmware 88011b and 4.4.2 os. just want to be sure i get the proper files/and or programs/ directions to use those resources properly the last thing i want is to guess at something that i could ask someone more experienced for help with and end up bricking it beyond repair. any and all help is very appreciated and i must ask you to please explain each step as clearly and “dumbed down” as possible as you can. if i need to use a program i’ve never used before {i.e. i hear things like odin mentioned in the forums but i don’t understand or have any expierence with any pc to phone applications so the more detailed any instructions can be made the better. anything that most ppl who have started tinkering with their devices usually know as common sense or steps that seem implied if not specifically mentioned i’ll miss. i have been reading n lurking for months n managed to root the device. but had another issue i accidentally caused soon after which resulted in a factory wipe and some time to remember what i did that rooted it after spending a day on it the first time n trying many things it took me a while to refind what i had done that worked. then this happened. i’m sure with the proper files/tools it’ll be fine but i need help to know what those are and to be sure i do it right the first time. i know if i don’t there may not be a second chance. thank you again in advance for your patience and help.

  • Kushal Somkuwar

    Hello Sir I’m Currently using LG G3 – Lollipop ,version- V20l-IND-xx phone was working okay automatic restarting once or twice in a day but today it keep rebooting over and over in boot logo phone only works while charging I don’t understand if it is a hardware or software should i go the service center
    things tried :-hard reset
    please give any solution

    thanks in advance

    • RohanKandwal

      Hi, It appears to be a software issue. Are you able to get in recovery mode? If so, please try to wipe the cache. If it still doesn’t resolve the issue and your device is in warranty then it return it to customer care.

      Otherwise, you can try to re-flash the devices yourself or take some professional help. Please report back.

  • Donald Smith

    LGG3/Verizon/LGVS985_20140620_LGFLASHv160.dll. Can’t down load because the site is down I guess. will you look into this please!!!!

  • David M

    Recently bought a LG G3 D850 from Hong Kong, it has AT&T stuff on it. Using a tesco sim but only get 2g or edge. Tesco says IMEI is invalid or for another country probably for the US. Tried all the secret menu’s and setting APN manually but no joy. Can I flash thiis to the European rom D855? Any ideas???

  • Michael Hughes

    I had a hell of a time finding the .DLL file I needed because the links on here did not work so for anyone who needs the Verizon LG G3 .DLL file, here is the link:

  • Gustavo borges de souza

    D855P soult America and Brazil