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It is difficult to download correct stock ROM for your Samsung Galaxy Mega since it is available in many countries with/without carrier contracts. The Firmware refers to default apps and operating system files that comes pre-installed on your device by the manufacturers. These Operating system and pre-installed apps control the behavior of our smartphone. The internal memory is not read only and you can easily install custom ROM and apps on your device. If you regularly modify your device then stock firmware can be used to restore your device into initial state i.e. just like your device was when you got it in the box (except wear and tear of-course 😛 :P).

galaxy-mega-back-to-stockThe stock firmware can be installed on your Galaxy Mega using Odin.  will explain you how to install stock firmware onto your device using Odin. But before you think of installing stock firmware onto your device using Odin, you need correct firmwares that are specific to your Galaxy mega variant. Don’t try to install firmware for a different variant onto your device otherwise your device may be hard bricked.

Some example for Samsung Galaxy Mega are :-

  • International version GT-i9200
  • International LTE version GT-i9205
  • AT&T US version (SGH-I527)
  • Sprint US version (SPH-L600)
  • MetroPCS US version (SGH-M819N)
  • U.S. Cellular US version (SCH-R960)
  • Bell, Rogers, SaskTel, Telus, Virgin – CA version (SGH-I527M)

and lots more.

Steps to download correct stock firmware for your Samsung Galaxy Mega

You can see your device version by going into Settings > About menu. If your device isn’t booting i.e. is bricked / stuck in bootloop then pull out your battery and underneath it you should see a sticker with model name and number printed on it.

Now once you got your device model number, it’s time to download right stock firmware specifically made for your device. Just note down the model number e.g GT-i9200 or SCH-L600 etc. Now type in following url into your favorite web browser.

eg :- To download firmware for Samsung Galaxy Mega International version use the following url If you don’t see any download link then make sure that you are using correct device name. Even after using correct device name you can’t find any download links then please post a comment, I’ll try to find a download link just for you.
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Rohan Kandwal

I am an Android Enthusiast and love to learn new techniques, tips and tricks. I also love to help other who face any difficulty in using technical stuff.. Google+

  • Jordan Fossett

    there isnt a download link for the samsung galaxy mega SCH-R960

  • Jawad Dergham

    Hello there isn’t a download link for Samsung galaxy mega SCH-I527

    • RohanKandwal

      is it SGH-I527?? If so, I have already made a post for it. Please search this site.

      • sal

        hi I searcherd the site and dont see a link to this sgh-i527 fw

  • Pammie Strickland

    Hi Rohan — Can you help me? I have SCH-L600. 2 weeks ago I was forced to do an update and every since phone is stuck in bootloop. I have Odin and the original firmware and have flashed through Odin, but still same thing. The only way I can get into Recovery mode is using Philz Touch or CWM, but I don’t know much about what to do from there. I took Samsung Service Center, but since I replaced my own screen 5 months ago, they say my warranty is voide and will not fix unless I pay $300. I flashed L600VPUBNE4_L600SPTBNE4_L600VPUBNE4_HOME.tar.md5 which Passed in Odin, but then bootloop. Thanks for any help.

    • RohanKandwal

      If you have custom recoveries installed on your device then your warranty is void. Anyhow, are you performing wipes before installing the ROM?

      If your Galaxy Mega 6.3 (Sprint) SPH-L600 is stuck at booting
      animation (bootloop) after successful ROM installation then enter “recovery mode” (boot while holding Volume Up + Home + Power buttons together) and perform Wipe data/Factory Reset and Wipe Cache Partition task. Then select “reboot system now”. In recovery mode, use Volume keys to navigate and Power key to select the options.

      Please note that performing wipes will only erase your device internal memory, not external SD card data.

  • bossman

    Hello i could not find the software for sgh-i527 att model thank you

    • RohanKandwal

      i have already made a post for SGH-i527 att. Please search the site.

  • cris

    hello i could not find software for samsung galaxy mega model: E-7080

    • RohanKandwal

      can you please send me the model number of your device eg- sgh-i527 or sch-l600, etc.

  • dumbrum

    hi, im downloading all firmwares matching the model number to my device, gt-i9200. I cant get my device to show up as a com port either on or through device manager nor odin. If possible, will you please help me.

    • RohanKandwal

      Make sure that Kies isn’t running in the background. Kies interfere with Odin. You haven’t told what is the problem with GT-i9200.
      Although you updated this comment, I have a separate unbrick post for mega i527, firmware link can be found on that post.

      • dumbrum

        oh yea, sorry… the problem with the gt-i9200 was that I installed a new display in which the digitizer was in compatible with the 4.4.2 firmware. I was trying to downgrade the firmware and that is where the i9200 was bricked. I followed the link of mirrors to download all firmwares of 4.2.2 in order to downgrade. I paid subscription on rapidgator to have those firmwares available to me with faster download speeds. Finally was able to downgrade with a firmware 4.2.2 of Brazilian Region. The phone was ready to go after that.

        And about the i527, I downloaded the pit file, stock rom, and odin files but still no go. While i527 in download mode, it displays “write protection: enable” and therefore, I believe is what prevents it from downgrading. Currently bricked and I am still looking into it. Kies3 is unable to recognize or incompatible to this device in order to do a emergency recovery install. Now I need help or guidance with the i527 pls

  • kamel boussalem

    Hello I have SGH-I527 But I cant find Firmware in this site

    My Galaxy mega mega . under battery the modal is I9200 But In system is SGH-I527

    Can i use any firmware of I9200 ?

    • RohanKandwal

      NO, don’t even try that, it’ll hard brick your device. You need your own firmware only. I have already created a separate post for unbricking your variant of Samsung Galaxy Mega SGH-I527.

      Please search my site and if your device is AT&T Samsung Galaxy Mega SGH-I527 then you can follow the tutorial easily.

      • kamel boussalem

        Thank you
        I have seen your separate Post
        But faced another problem
        I wanted restore original system of phone
        Using Kies program
        But after the introduction of Phone type tells me that the Serial wrong

        the serial In the adhesive under the battery is different from inside the system

        • RohanKandwal

          This is a very rare issue, you’ll have to enter your device model and S/N in capital letters only. Please try and report back.

          • kamel boussalem

            Thank you very much
            I have tried many times and feasibility
            Noted that even phone GT-I9300 of my friend the same thing
            It is of At&T
            Do you have the original firmware 4-files to phone galaxy mega 6.3 SGH-I527 ?

            Please if you have firmware

            Send it to us

          • RohanKandwal

            Do you mean ROM divided in 4 parts? AP, BL, CP, CSC ? If so, then I have posted links in the comment section of SGH-I527 page. Please reply on that page so that it help other users facing same problem as yours.

            BTW, what you are trying to do? Upgrade your device?

  • kamel boussalem

    Yes I mean ROM divided in 4 parts? AP, BL, CP, CSC
    But, man, when I put the link
    Firmware does not show
    Please if you have a ROM Put it on the page

    • RohanKandwal

      Ya, that site doesn’t have that ROM. As I said, please see my support page for your model. In the comment section I have placed the links.

  • Kelly SD

    Hello I have a Samsung Galaxy Mega SGH-i527 Revo.3 can you please post stock Rom it is ATT branded but start up screen shows Metro PCS. I believe the incorrect rom or hack has been used. The phone works, but reception is no good.
    Many thanks in advance. Kelly San Diego, CA

  • amarjit singh

    Hello! i have at&t’s samsung mega sgh-i527 (unlocked). Every thing is fine but when I tried to start wi-fi hotspot, it shows ‘mobile data is not available or invalid sim’. At&t representative says update your mobile. when I tried to update mobile shows ‘up-to date’. I able to use mobile data and wifi. Only hotspot option create problem. can anyone solve this problem? am on i527ucubne7 4.4.2. build no. kot49h.i527ucubne7

  • Phil OBrien

    hi i have a galaxy mega that turns off right after the samsung galaxy mega 6.3 screen shows up. can you help me at all?